Upload laser show to SD card

In the latest version of Moncha software you can upload complete laser show even using multiple lasers into Moncha.net SD card. And it doesn’t matter if you use Moncha.go 2, Moncha.box 2, Moncha.lite 2 or The Upgrade.


What are the benefits of using upload feature?

There’s a lot:

  • You don’t need to remove SD card from device, save the content in your PC, return the SD card back to Moncha device.
  • It’s practical for multiple lasers. Imagine handling 30 SD cards for 30 laser systems… crazy.
  • It’s fast. Uploading even few minutes long laser show takes just a few seconds.
  • Show for multiple lasers – the upload feature will render frames only for given device.
  • Multithreaded – the render/upload to multiple devices is handled at once for all the lasers in your workspace. No need to wait for one laser to finish upload.


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Is there an old way of exporting to disk?

Yes, you can still export your laser show to hard disk and then save to SD card. It’s more complicated, but it’s practical, when you want to send the laser show to client. Moncha software will create for you all the required directories for all the devices separately. This allows easier orientation.

But still, the upload is a lot better 🙂 …


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