Laser Show for 18 Lasers Part 4 – What software should I use?

The thing I struggled most was the choice of the software. In the past, I would go for Fiesta, because in the past you could not do multi-laser shows in Moncha. But the latest version we’ve release has improved so much, I decided to give it a try.

Yes, I was made by Moncha 😉 …

And it was worth it. I start with the most important mind-shift when creating laser shows you’ll have when you’ll start using Moncha 5. We don’t use track-to-laser assignment anymore. And here we’ve stolen a lot of ideas from our tron-dance software. When we’ve developed LED Strip Studio as the main software for dance shows, we’ve found out it’s a lot faster to create one scene, which defines animation for multiple dancers. And then this scene is used in show as scene, which controls more dancers at once.

The same idea we’ve used in Moncha 5. Now you don’t have to program simple scene and then paste is to several tracks for more lasers. You create one scene for all your lasers and paste this one into the timeline. It looks like a little difference, but the productivity increase is huge – for my laser show with 18 lasers I’ve used only 9 tracks, while most of the time I used 3-4 tracks. Imagine doing it the old way – at least one track per laser, which is at least 16 tracks! Crazy! No thank you, I don’t have time for that anymore…

Fiesta Workspace

Fiesta also uses track to laser assignment – for example if you use 2 tracks per laser, you would end up
with 36 tracks for 18 lasers!!! Crazy!

Overall the complete laser show took me about 2-3 days of creation while adding some features to new Moncha software, which speeded up the creation process. Then I’ve spend about 2 days perfecting the show and especially making it safe, so the audience can enjoy it safely…

Complete laser show in Moncha workspace – most of the time we use only 3 tracks

When your show is prepared in the software, you must do the final show adjustments.